Welcome to Austin, TX - home of Lake Travis!

I'm an IT professional who has over 25 years in the computer industry. I started in IBM mainframes (4331 / 4361) providing customer service and support and was around when the Internet started. I worked for a medical education company in the mid-1990s as a webmaster offering live audio streaming, then Compaq (pre HP-merger), then moved to Austin to work for a Cisco Solution provider in the world of VOIP, Contact Center Software, Unified Communications, then on to a Cisco Cloud Provider operating our new HCS architecture. I spent some time working for a web company in Houston and was instrumental in building out an Amazon VPC, and migrating hundreds of physical websites to a virtual cloud. Most recently I've taken a role with a monitoring company helping onboard customers into our cloud platform.

For fun? I've been involved in helping manage a local youth Soccer club, been a volunteer for the MS-society by driving a van and providing communications for the last 25 years, and have been an Amateur Radio Operator since the mid-1980s. I also play guitar (ok not well), have 'Gig'd in bars around Austin, and try to ride motorcycles around the Texas hill country on the weekends to get away from it all every so often. We have raised 4 kids, hosted 8 foreign exchange students from various countries (mostly Germany, Russia, and Brazil), and occassionally we sleep.

Austin is in the heart of Texas Hill Country, home to some breathtaking views, great summer activities. Here are some photos over the last 18 months including some motorcycle rides, some from soccer, MS-150, and music.

Some pics from the last 18 months